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Roy down with Bronchiolitis

April 3, 2007

These few days I have been researching more on this condition as Roy is currently suffering from it. I hope he gets well soon as it is really painful to see him having problems breathing and not being his superactive self. He has to be on nuberliser and take 3 different meds. 

We brought him to Tuina 3 times last week but the medicine doesn’t really seem to be very effective on him. He does enjoy the massage sessions but gets cranky towards the end of each 25min session.

Today I brought him to see the PD and she loan the nuberliser machine to use at home. It really beats going to KK to ward him. I am rather parnoid about hospitals and would rather avoid them. Especially since the doc said that they will only be able to Nub him and observe him as he is too young for other medications.

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