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Roy is hospitalised

April 6, 2007

I have been very skeptical and hesitant about hospitalising Roy for bronchiolitis. This viral infection has really been taking a toll on his body. 2 weeks ago he weighed a healthy 7.5kg….since then he has lost 500g and now weigh only 7kg.Roy is not as chubby as he was before. I do hope to fatten him up when he recovers.

Today I had no choice but to rush him down to KK as he was running a fever of 38 degrees. He had been vomitting out his feed since Morning and had runny stools. The nuberliser that he was using for the past few days (from Tuesday) was not really working for him and he is still chesty and the retractions are not getting better.   The specialist has changed the medicine to Adrenaline which is to be administed every 4hrs. Roy is also given nose drops to clear his blocked nose. He is in B1 room at the moment. I took some pics of him with my camera phone. Will upload it to the boy’s web or here when we are back at home. At present it seems that he will have to be in here for 2-3 days.

Ryan meanwhile is at Granny’s. He is really enjoying himself as he has his beloved bike at her place. Also he gets to go out and visit places which he likes – WCP & Toysrus.

On another note my cousin Pauline has just given birth to a healthy baby boy-3.3kg- yesterday. Both mother and bb are doing fine. This is her 2nd child. Her elder daughther Natasha is 3yrs old this year. She is 2mths older then Ryan. 🙂  We will visit her at home once Roy is fully recovered. She is Roy’s godmother….however we have yet to set a date for his baptism and am not in a hurry to do so. 🙂


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