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KKH- Day 2

April 7, 2007

Last night was quite an uneventful night. Roy refused to sleep on his own in the hospital cot. He wanted to be put to sleep sleeping in my arms like at home. I tried countless time to put him down in the cot but each time he made a fuss and started grumbling/crying. In the end I got into the cot with him so that both of us could get some sleep. The cot matteress was definately more comfortable then the camp bed that they provided in the B1 ward. ( 4 in a room- 3 kids and 1 bb cot). We had opted for A1 ward but they were full upon registration so we had to be on waitlist.  Comparing with Glen E materinaty ward KKH doesn’t have locked cupboards for patients to put their stuff this ward. Also Roy was fussing quite badly through the night as he didn’t like the hooded adrenaline that was given to him via the hood(transparent plastic box with a tube attached) – will upload pictures later when we get home.

A1 ward is much better. We manage to get an upgrade today. It is one to a room and there is a mini bar fridge and even a safe in on of their cupboards + private bathroom. There are also more cupboards to put your items and more privacy.  I hope that Roy will get discharged soon and he won’t suffer from this condition anymore.

Today was the 1st day I went down to their foodcourt and shops at Lvl 1. There is quite a lot of selection of bb related product shops.  There is even a shop selling just Pureen products at 20% off retail price. I bought a bottle of their Pureen Bottle cleaner solution at $6.70 which is more cost effective then purchasing the Pigeon brand one as the small bottle (1/2 their size) cost about the same amount.  Roy and I also tried out the Maclaren Prams at the Mothercare outlet. I have been eyeing that particular pram for a long time.  The price tag is not so attractive to HB as it is above $200. He feels that it is not worth getting an extra pram that cost that much which doesn’t have a big basket to put groceries underneath. It’s back to pram searching again.  It would be nice to bring Roy out in a Maclaren though. 🙂

Roy seems much more at ease in the A1 ward then the B1 as it is not noisy and more roomy. I hope that he recovers fast so we can go home and I can get proper sleep.  We have yet to know when he will be able to be discharged.


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