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KKH-Day 4

April 9, 2007

Day 4- Roy is still not discharged.  His oxgyen level (So2) is still not that ideal. He still has phelgm in his chest and laboured breathing at times. This is very evident when he is stressing out due to the discomfort. He is not as active as before.  A few different doctors came to check on his today. I really hope that his air passages clear up and that he will resume breathing normally so he can get discharged soon. It has been really very tiring taking care of him. I also feel that I have been neglecting Ryan this week as 100% concentration has been on Roy. Hopefully when he is better and back at home I can spend more time bonding with Ryan. He is staying at granny’s place this week. We haven’t deciede whether we will be sending him to school this week or not as Raph is afraid that he will bring back more virus from his CC to Roy. We don’t want to risk any futher infections or viruses attacking him as his immunity is down at the moment. Raph maybe postpone his trip to HK if Roy still needs intensive care. Hope we get good news of discharge soon.

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  1. April 11, 2007 2:24 am

    so happy to hear that Roy can come back. however i think we will leave ryan with grandmum until roy is getting better and my mum come from hk. it will be easier for rachel and prevent ryan bringing back the virus from his school. he is very happy staying in grandmum’s home.
    i have confirmed and deffered my trip to hk till mid may. we also bought the hospitalization insurance for roy and ryan for any emergence.

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