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Shopping for Roy & Ryan

April 28, 2007

This weekend I finally managed to get the stroller with the big basket underneath. We got a 1st Saftey pram from OG $129 (Orange/black) so it will be easier for me to go marketing with Roy in the mornings. It is getting a chore slinging Roy and carrying groceries walking from the market back home. I am also not able to buy as many things as I would like as I do not want to overburden my hands/shoulders. This pram is much wider then the yellow combi that we bought for Ryan 3 yrs ago. Ryan is not as “squashed” sitting inside it as compared to the old pram. It also comes with reversible handle so Roy can face me when I push him along instead of facing outside. He does have some seperation anxiety and will sometime cry when he can’t spot me outside.


The colour and shape is similar to this Preg Preggo one.

The  shape is similar to this picture here
 We also bought another pillow for Roy to be place at my mum’s place. He seems to take well to the pillow with a depression in the center which we purchased from JL a few weeks back.

We bought a larger size  blue/yellow  swimsuit for Ryan as his grey/yellow one was getting small. It was $23.xx after 20% discount. He also recieve 2 new VCDs as I felt he needed a change from his Hi-5, Barney & Thomas routine. We got a nursery rhyme karaoke (50 songs) VCD & a Poyoyo one. I have yet to watch the Poyoyo one.:)

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