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Night toilet training

May 10, 2007

 Last weekend I started Ryan on his journey to be totally diaper-less. I started by bringing him to toilet at 12am, 3am and 6am. These few days I only bring him to toilet at 12am and 6am. He is able to keep his bed dry. So far he only had 1 or 2 accidents on my bed as he fell asleep after drinking milk and didn’t go to toilet beforehand. I have to give him his bottle of milk a bit earlier. I tried to give him his milk in cup a few months back but he is still very resistant to it so I’ll try again later. My priority now is to get him off diapers full time. We still have a 3/4 pack of XL diapers but can keep it for Roy’s usage in the future.( They don’t really have an expiry date on diapers do they?)

On a seperate note- Ryan is able to hold the pencil quite well with his right hand. He can trace numbers/alphabets with it, circle and cross out objects. He is even able to write numbers/alphabets independently. The only think that he hates doing is colouring. I feel it is okay to dislike colouring as it is not very essential and there isn’t much colouring to be done especially when he enter’s primary school later on.

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