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Digital Creations, Toilet training, Food

May 17, 2007

 I recently stumbled upon this webby- There are a lot of different templates there which I can use to make fun pictures/posters. I made a couple and posted them on the boy’s webby.  I think I would certainly love it if I had adobe photoshop to toy around with but it is a bit costly to purchase at the moment.

Ryan seems to be progressing well in night training. Raph has kindly helped to bring him to toilet around midnight and when he wakes up in the morning. He hasn’t wet the bed since we started 2 weeks ago. Will continue to monitor him before stashing away the XL diapers for Roy to use next time.

Roy simply loves EATING. This is a vast difference from Ryan. His moves his mouth non-stop when the spoon is near and greedily gobbles down whatever is offered to him. We forsee Ryan stuffing Roy with food he doesn’t want to eat in the near future. My little doggie is very receptive to the spoon. He even attempted to eat the dinner plate last night while Raph was holding onto him when we had our dinner.


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