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Ryan’s music trials

May 26, 2007

Music Trial

This week and next Ryan will be trying out some trials. Today he tried the Baby Paganini Class ($35). The class size was quite big and there wasn’t much learning done-IMO. There were 4 girls and 2 boys(incl Ryan) with the 6 parents in a small packed studio which had two pianos  and a writing table. They did some basic holding of the violin and position stance, simple up-bow and down-bow following a chant said by the teacher. Not all of the students were very co-operative but overall they did follow the instructions given. The teacher was not very impressive as she was not able to captivate the attention of most of the students and I felt that her allocation of time to each student is too limited ( I counted less then 5 min throughout the whole lesson). If I were paying for the whole term fee I rather have 1-to-1 interaction with the teacher as there will be more learning done and Ryan wouldn’t be that bored. He was able to follow the instructions given perfectly. He could hold the violin and bow quite confidently and even did some bowing on the 1st attempt. However he told me that he would rather be banging on the keyboard of the piano. We will be shelving Violin lessons at the moment till maybe 1-2 years later when he has mastered the basics in piano/theory. I am also unwilling to invest in at 1/16 and later have to upgrade it to a 1/10/- 1/8- 1/4- 1/2- full size. That will be  6 violin size changes and even a cheap CHINA MADE one cost more then $100. Definitely not worth the cash unless he is really talented and able to stand the long hours practicing.

The Music geniuses showcasing on TV and in the Media only started violin from say 5-6yrs up so it is still too early to see which Instrument would be his major if he really wants to pursue it. Nevertheless a piano background and as a main instrument is a more economical and feasible choice.

The funny thing is that he keeps on taking his toy violin and handling it like a guitar saying that he wants to play the guitar. He is able to distinguish between a violin and a guitar. Today we saw a 1/2 size kids guitar in the music school and he took it to try and was happy to strum on it. Maybe we should get him a guitar instead or a ukelele???

I am still pondering of whether to bring him back to the music centre for a Piano trial at 4pm next Saturday as I didn’t really have a good impression of the place today.


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