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Kids Talk

June 19, 2007

Ryan has been talking since he was 9mth old. Nowadays he is even more chatty and vocal. He is also starting to be very agumentative and keeps on asking you for explainations to why/why not something can/cannot be done.

His favourite sentances are :-

1. I don’t want to be your friend. ( Normally said after he is unable to get the things HIS way or stuff  HE wants)
 to which my reply would be ” It’s okay I don’t need to be your friend” which would command an immediate respond of ” I want to be your friend” – change of “Heart” as he knows that it will get him nowhere. 🙂

2. Mummy’s a naughty pussycat/girl, playful girl ( Said after he gets chided/scolded for misbehaving or not listening)
My reponse is ” Ryan’s a naughty  little Monkey/ Cheeky Monkey”. To which he will answer ” No!! I’m a GOOD BOY”-DUH!!

3. I love you -can I have Xxxx. (Trying to bribe you)

4. I want to go to Vivocity. V-I-V-O-C-I-T-Y (As it will mean that he has the chance to go to Toysrus his favourite shop)

5. Yeee….Didi has saliva all over! ( Asking you to wipe/clean Roy)

6. I want to do it MYSELF- You don’t help me ok??

Roy is also quite vocal these few days.

His favourite words are

1. PAPA- dada (Calling for Raph)

2. Mama (Calling for my mum or MIL)

3. Mamee( Asking for me)-Or a sudden cry will also result in me carrying him – achieving his target.

4. Huh Huh (Said when he is laughing at you when he gets his way)

A common trait among both is that both are equally cunning n devious in their ways to get what they want. 🙂


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