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6th Wedding Aniversary,Bottle training

June 22, 2007

Nothing really fancy this year. No candlelight dinner or dinner for 2. We had dinner for 3 (Roy came along) at a Japanese restaurant in Great World City. The food wasn’t really that great and rather pricey for the amount served. We should have gone to the Japanese  restaurant at Amara Hotel instead. Will try that another day.

No Presents  or flowers also. Ou car also died on us and had to tow it away to the repair shop.  I actually wanted to celebrate it in HK with a shopping trip there with the boys.  Raph is on a budget and we will be going there in Dec so it was striked off.

Bottle Training

Roy is taking to the bottle much better now. I don’t know if it is because he prefers the Mamil Gold 2 that I am trying out on him. Will slowly switch him to EBM/FM as his teeth will be popping soon. I also hope that he will wake up less often at night and everyone will have a better sleep.


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