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July 2, 2007

Roy was baptised yesterday afternoon. It was a big day for him. He looked so smart in his baptismal clothes. Last weekend during the baptismal preperation session the priest asked which Saint or Christian name we had chosen and the meaning behind it. It prompted me to do a check up on Roy’s name to see if there is really a St Roy. I ran an internet check and found out that there isn’t one listed! [It was the same results for Raph, mine and Ryan’s]

Anyway just for record these are the meaning behind the names we chose for our boys.

Ryan- (Gaelic)- Little King

Roy-(Gaelic)- Regal One, King

Originally a Scottish name, representing an Anglicized spelling of the Gaelic nickname “Ruadh” (red). It has since spread to other parts of the English-speaking world, where it is often reanalysed as Old French “roy” (king).

Rapheal-(Hebrew)-God’s Healer

Rachel- (Hebrew)-Little Lamb

In the Old Testamanet of the Bible, Rachel was a wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin

And if we have a girl as #3 she will be named

Riona- (Gaelic) -Queenly

Anglicized form of Ríoghnach, derived from rioghan (queen). The name was borne by a 6th-century St. Ríoghnach, sister of St. Finnian of Clonard. Riona is the Anglicized form of the name, which was also translated as Regina. Ríona has also been used as an abbreviated form of Catríona.

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