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Dresses, Cds

July 17, 2007

Dresses under consideration

dress6.jpg  dress-2.jpg   dress.jpg


I am currently 2-3kgs away from my ideal weight of 55kg. I still have 4mths to the Dec dateline that I had set. (*Definately obtainable) My aim is to fit into a nice figure hugging dress for Roy’s birthday party & Raph’s cousins wedding.  Any recommendations of good boutiques to browse? Budget is under $100 for the dress.


Have made some recent purchases of Mandarin Cd’s these couple of months. The latest one being S.H.E’s  PLAY  at $12.90. The songs in this album are rather easy listening and catchy. Ryan also shows an interest in the tunes and is attempting to learn how to sing them. The other albums that I bought were compilations as Father’s day pressies for Raph.

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