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Whining,Preggie Friends

August 6, 2007


Ryan is getting better after a second visit to the doctor. The diagnosis given was different from the 1st doctor ( croup). He said that Ryan had phelgmy cough and lots of mucus stuck in his nose. He was put on antibiotics and given different medication to take.  Roy on the other hand is down with runny nose. I just got some nose drops n flu medication for him. Hope it clear soon. 🙂

However both of them are super sticky now keep wanting to be carried and attended to all the time… really tiring looking after them.

Preggie Friends

This month I got news that 3 more friends of mine are pregnant. 

Winnie is 5 months preggie with a boy and is currently off work to take care of her health. She has been planning and trying for a baby for a long time. Jack and her  are elated at the coming arrival of their new addition in Dec.

Miao Lee is 6months preggie with her 2nd boy. I bumped into her  while doing grocery shopping this morning.  She looks so radiant shopping with her mum. Her boy is due in November.

Monica is the 3rd friend pregnant. Do not know the details as yet but guess it maybe another end of year baby. 🙂 – Boy???

On another note TH has just given birth to her boy Zachary. We haven’t visited her yet. Hope to meet up with them this week or so.


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