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Holiday – Day 1

December 12, 2007

I had a busy morning doing last minute packing for the four of us. With two kids , the amount of clothes that one has to pack becomes (x4) the normal amount and it took 2 suitcases to fill what essentials we needed for the trip. I just hope that there is no delays of complications checking in for the flight….Haa… as it I could sense was to happen at the airport during check in.

 Checking In at the airport

It was super uneventful as there was a major hic-up with the verification of the e-tickets we booked as Raph used his old credit card to book the tickets and now with the new one (issued by the same bank) the credit card number was different and they couldn’t verify the booking. What a bummer the system is… even though we have confirmed our seats online we still had to check in our luggage at the counter and it was a hassle. Raph had to make a short detour back home to pick up his old credit card and come back to the airport to use “that” card to verify – they needed the last 4 digits of the credit  card. However, IT STILL DIDN”T WORK!!!. I don’t know how screwed up the booking system is or whatever went wrong but in the end we used my sup card to verify the booking even though the card was never used in the initial transaction made in booking the tickets online. We wasted a whole hour due to the hassle… luckily we were at the airport early and we stay near it so we manage to get on the flight we book and everything was fine after that.

Roy didn’t fuss as much on the plane and Ryan slept all the way through…so it was not as bad as I expected.  We reached HK around dinner time and took a cab to PIL’s new house.


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