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Holiday- Day 2

December 12, 2007

Morning- We went to MK Grand Century ( Maxim) for Yum Cha. It has been almost year since the last time I ate at that restaurant. They have the traditional push cart waitress  that come around.

Afternoon- We went to Shatin to meet up with Kyla and Jo. Ryan had fun playing at Snoopy World while waiting for them to arrive at the shopping centre.  Kyla stays in a lovely self-contained estate with lots of facilities. ( Indoor/outdoor pool, tennis courts, indoor/outdoor children’s playground, library etc). The place is very kid- friendly  and conducive.  The only drawback is that it is not that convenient to buy groceries as one has to take a 10 min minivan ride to Shatin central for purchases.

Night- Had chinese dinner at Fu Wai with the family.


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