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Holiday Day 4

December 13, 2007
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I also met up with Winnie & Jack over tea. Her EDD is this Sunday and she hopes that the baby boy will be able to be delivered naturally. At the last checkup on Saturday he weighed and estimated 3.2kg. We estimate that he will weigh at least 3.5kg when born.  She looks radiant as an expectant mum and I’m sure that she will ease into the new role as a mummy with much ease. It seems like it was yesterday when we were still studying together in Uni in Au. Those were such carefree days with less commitments. If we have the time and $$ I’m sure Raph would like to take the boys to visit the places where we used to live when we were studying in Melb. Maybe when both of them are much older so travelling will not be as much as a hassle 🙂

At night we met up with Raph’s friends. One of his friend’s brought along their baby girl. She is currently 1.5yrs old. Simply adorable and cute. She loves to eat and is willing to self feed unlike Ryan. The food at that Chinese restaurant was less than fantastic. The portions were small and not as tasty as I remembered. (We had dinner there about 1.5 yrs ago. ) I think it has to do with the 50% jump in the price of meats in Hk that results in the shrinking of portions served.


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