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Holiday -Day 5 (Ocean Park)

December 16, 2007

Today was Roy’s 1st experience attending a wedding. The bride and groom had chosen a fun place for the nuptials- Ocean Park. Raph’s cousin , Karen, was getting married to her  sweetheart- Simon at the Ocean Theatre.  We arrived at the bride’s home to take the chartered bus to Ocean Park. Upon arrival we queued for the cable car.

The weather was just perfect- not too hot or cold. The couple exchanged their vows on stage infront of a lawyer n the Ocean Park Mascot( a Seal). We were treated to a short performance by their seals & dolphins before proceeding to their Open top terrace for a late lunch buffet. The scenery at the restaurant was captivating as we could see the seaside and part of Hong Kong Island.

After the wedding lunch we walked around Ocean park. We didn’t really try any of the rides as it was simply too crowded. A lot of rides were also unsuitable for Ryan as he is under the 1.1m height restrictions for the roller coaster rides. He did try some stall games for HK$20.

From Ocean Park we went to visit another cousin of Raph’s -Sandy who will be expecting her 1st girl next mth. She stays in a nice estate which has lots of facitlities- swimming pool, clubhouse, cafeteria, library, children’s indoor playroom, music & art rooms, gym, sauna etc. She just moved to the estate as Eddie and her needed a bigger apartment with the new addition to the family.


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