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Holiday- day 6 ( China)

December 16, 2007

Today I had to pack our bags as we were travelling across the border to Guangzhou.  We took the KCR from Mongkok station  to Laowu then we crossed over to Shenzhen. At Shenzhen we booked a limo all the way to Clifford Estate were PIL has their holiday house. The ride took about 1.5hrs. Traffic in Guangzhou is really chaotic. The drivers simply love cutting in and out of lanes without signalling. They drive on the left-hand side of the road, which to me, makes traffic disorderly.

Pollution is really terrible up in Guangzhou. There is a permenant haze around and the environment is less then ideal to stay in. It is definately more polluted as compared to HK as their vehicles are not as well maintained and there is lots of littering everywhere.

 At night we called a cab to see the International Circus at Pun Yu. It was the 1st time Ryan & I have watched a live circus performance. Ryan was startled by the loud noise and sounds and took a seat futher away from the stage from Roy n me.  Roy was simply remarkable- he slept through the whole show with the loud noises and action all around.

There were clowns, animal trainers, performances by bears, dogs, hippos, monkeys, birds and tigers. Acrobats, magicians and even high divers performed on stage. Laser light displays and stilt walkers entertained us while props were being changed or moved around on stage.  It was really worth the $150RMB /person .

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