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Holiday-Day 8(China)

December 20, 2007

Today I had to get up early to pack our bags as we were returning to HK in the afternoon. This morning was more of R & R for us. PILs brought Ryan to the park while Raph/Roy & I headed over to the club for a 2hr session of massage to relieve our aching muscles. It has been ages since we indulged in massage therapy.  It was a relaxing session and we emerged rejuvenated.

After yum cha lunch we headed to the supermarket behind to stock up on some titbit’s & drinks for the 1.5hr journey back to Shenzhen. The array of food and drinks available is really astonishing. So much choice and variety as compared to Singapore and at very cheap prices.  They had cucumber flavored Lays chips and red wine chicken chips which tasted heavenly.

There was a jam on the way back due to roadworks and we reached Shenzhen later then expected. Upon arrival we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant that FIL initially wanted to try.  From there it was a short walk back to Laowu station where we boarded the train back to HK.


This is what we tried at dinner. It tasted very yummy. Locally produced apple juice.


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