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Holiday- Day 9

December 20, 2007

Today was quite a relaxing day for us as were able to do some  shopping at KT and MK for household items. I visited a few major baking shops there this trip to view the products that they have for sale and buy novelty items that were unavaliable in Singapore.

We got a Thomas watch for Ryan and a set of matching keychains for ourselves. The last time we purchased matching keychains was nearly 10 years ago while holidaying in Gold Coast with our friends. Time has really passed so fast.

In the afternoon we went over to Causeway bay to view the photos that we took last week and to select some for the photobook and framed family portrait. We also went to the food convention at Victoria gardens.  It was extremely crowded there and many people were browsing and buying discounted food items from the 100 over stalls there. We purchased some organic food for the boys and a few chinese readers to read to them.

At night we were back in Mongkok for a small gathering and to celebrate Roy’s birthday with the family.

MIL bought a small cake to cut. Roy was very happy to receive the presents and to taste his birthday cake. Will bake him a personalised cake to share with the family on Christmas Day.


Oh..I also saw a too cute to resist snowman bun.. and bought it to taste.. 🙂


Doesn’t it look super cute???

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