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Year End Stock Take

December 25, 2007

It’s the time of the year where one reviews the past year’s resolutions.  Incidents and happenings are recalled in retrospect as I use the remaining days of 2007 to put aside all the events (happy & sad) that occurred.

This year I made quite a few good buddies who I learned a lot from. 🙂

I also met some meanies [“Kathies”] who were simply awful.  They were vicious, cunning, manipulative rumormongers .They  sabotaged the meaning of genuine friendship which I deeply value.

Anyway through the years I have learnt not to take these ” setbacks” too much to heart as it is part and parcel in life.

Instead I have added drive to strive to succeed and to prove to myself that negativity and meanies won’t keep me down.

GOD is kind and I will persevere and strive to be more like him in my daily work. With him as my leader there is nothing that I can’t achieve.

My Darlings

Ryan and Roy have really grown a lot this year- Physical & Mentally.

Last year around this time Roy had just came back with me from the hospital as a 1wk old baby. Now he has jurn turned 1 and is busy exploring his surroundings and learning new things everyday. 

Will put more of my thoughts about the boy’s development in their blog.


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