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Spring Cleaning 07

December 29, 2007

So many things….so little time to do [Sounds a little  cliched doesn’t it?]

I STILL haven’t finished reading the books I bought early on in the year!!!

First of all I want to wish all my friends/family

A Happy 2008  and Best wishes to all.

This weekend was a real chaotic one as I had both boys at home with me. Had to find time to occupy both of them with meaningful activities while clearing the daily chore load.

At home

I am in the midst of rearranging the furniture and de-cluttering the house. Raph & I just bought a few storage containers from IKEA to store the boys toys.  With their help I managed to partially reorganised their toys.  Yesterday we, Ryan, Roy & me, collated all the cars/trains from them into the new organisers. The playroom looks much neater now with 50% of the mess gone. Next thing I need to work on would be to label/categorize their toys and ensure that they are placed back in the correct containers after play.

In our study room we will be installing new shelving for the ever-growing collection of books. Raph will have to drill in the shelves and do the re-stacking of books this weekend.


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