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New Year- New Resolutions

January 1, 2008

Today being the start of 2008 I think it will be a good time to re-examine last years resolutions and set new ones.

Last year my aim was to get back into shape, shed the baby added kilos and reach my optimum weight of 55kg by Dec 2007. I’m glad that I am back in shape, lost all the extra weight…however the scales are slightly off at 56kg :p Well good enough I feel. It’s almost there!!

This year my resolution will be to:

1. Learn more different cuisines/bakes to increase my repertoire of dishes/desserts that I can cook

2. Make more profit online through my current pet projects. * Aim is to generate sufficient income to fund a trip to Thomasland with the boys.

3. Learn how to Rollerblade well so I can join Raph and Ryan when they go Rollerblading during the weekends.

I will be reviewing the list monthly and hopefully all 3 items will materialised by the end of 2008 🙂


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