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Bilingual /Multilingual

January 4, 2008

I was reading this today at

On Raising Bilingual and Multilingual Children

By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, AAV Contributing Editor

I found  the article that this lady has written very thought provoking. She gave some insights into how she had been motivated to help her children learn their native tongue, Chinese, while also being able to speak fluently in English.

The lessons she focused on in her articles are

  1. Talking-  Kids need to hear the language as often as possible.
  2. Start them young and work on your skills.
    [Even though you are not affluent in the language you can learn while teaching your child]
  3. School, tutoring and other training
    [Getting experts to aid your child in their language development]
  4. Using other resources – DVD/VCDs/ Online programs/sites. Dolls & Electronic toys
  5. Be flexible in the use of language and don’t force it on your child.
  6. Make it multicultural

Here in Singapore ,by default, almost everyone who has gone through our educational system is bilingual. However in today’s concept being multilingual would definately be an asset. I’m slowly grooming my boys to be effective speakers in  at least English, Chinese, Cantonese so they can communicate well with family and relatives. 🙂

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