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Book Review: Ready for Reading

January 8, 2008

Ready for Reading – A handbook for Parents of Preschoolers by Ashely bishop, Ruth Hellen Yopp & Hallie Kay Yopp

Pointers from the book:

The books that you share with your children

  • allow them to develop the understanding that books are friends that can be trusted to entertain and inform for the rest of their lives.
  • Guide them to have a richer knowledge of the sounds in the words we speak.
  • Help them become familiar with the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.
  • Show them that books, and the sentences within them, work in familiar and predictable ways.

Benefits children gain from participating in reading with their parents

  1. They learn how books work.
  2. They come to know the ” language of literature”.
  3. They develop positive attitudes towards reading.
  4. They see that books have important things to say to them.
  5. They develop the desire to read.
  6. They expand their literary interests.
  7. They expand their vocabulary.
  8. Their ability to understand what is being read improves.
  9. They learn how libraries work.
  10. They see connections between reading and writing.
  11. They significantly increase their chances for success in school.
  12. They come to view reading as an important part of their lives.
  13. They know an abundance of wonderful literature is available to them.

There are a few ways one can learn to read:

Through using Phonics, Structural Analysis, Analogies, Sight Words and Context Clues.

Many children books are designed as ” predictable” books which could have cumulative patterns, repetitions, rhythm and rhyme, sequential patterns or interlocking patterns.

Interactive books that require physical manipulations, such as lifting a flap, pulling a tab, or sliding a panel are a great way of  inviting  active participation.

How does Reading aloud help?

  1. It develops background knowledge
  2. It supports language development
  3. Can encourage active engagement with books

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