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Tyra show- Bodyville: Women and Body Image

January 8, 2008

TV talk shows 

I have been watching the Tyra show lately and the found the feature on Bodyville very interesting/captivating.

In the experiement they set up they forced a group of women to make quick decisions about each other based on first impressions. The women were  dressed in identical nude body suits and are asked to label the other women based on their body size.  The labels that they gave each other were based on personal bias and pre-concieved notions that have been embedded in them through their life experiences and education.

Words- harsh and nice were spewed everywhere and lots of different feelings were stirred up during the hour long sessions. It was a really ” heated” show where the participants brutally aired their views and ” fired off” at strangers based on their opinions.

It is cruel to know that many people have negative perceptions of others even before getting to know the actual person inside. The exterior – physical appearance- may or may not depict the actual personality, and in the case of the show,a person’s occupation.

Appearances are deceiving and words can be very hurting.

One thing that the show was trying to educate was on how we should love and appreciate our own bodies (irregardless of size and shape)  and learn that we know ourselves best and should not be too bothered about what other’s regard (especially nasty comments) about us.

  1. January 8, 2008 3:22 am

    I definitely think that is a good point although as people we are just naturally judgmental, especially women. It is really hard though if you are the one being judged, I guess we all have to remember to have some thick skin though because if you can’t change other’s behaviors, at least you can work out how you take it.

  2. astrodarlings permalink*
    January 8, 2008 5:26 am

    Hi Melinda,
    Thanks for your comments. Popped by your blog and was impressed by it 🙂

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