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Wedding Aniversary – In retrospect

January 11, 2008

It’s January, start of a new year, time to plan again on how to celebrate one of the most important date on my calender.- The wedding anniversary. Last year I had something romantic planned but it did not materialize due to family and work commitments. I actually wanted us to fly to Hong Kong and have dinner at one of the posh restaurants overlooking Victoria Peak. I also planned was a drive in an open-top car to one of their lovely beaches for a stroll admiring the sunset.

On our 6th anniversary what we had was a simple Korean dinner at a shopping centre with the kids in tow. **Bummer**

We did manage to take some family photos at a studio and I took the opportunity to dress in the traditional Chinese wedding outfit (KUA). Looking forward to see the photos.

This year I am still hoping that it will be possible to have a short getaway with Raph for a private celebration sans kids- deposit them temporarily with the in-laws.

Ever since the kids came along we have had lesser time to build on our relationship as we were thrown into the roles of mummy & daddy and had to juggle multiple roles.

However  with added effort I am sure we will be able to constantly work on maintaining and improving our relationship.

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  1. January 17, 2008 1:17 am

    Those sound like some really good ideas. Hopefully, you guys will get that alone time to really celebrate!

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