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Monthly Targets

January 20, 2008

Sometimes I really wish that I have more time to pursue all my current faves on top of all the mundane chores/activities that I need to get done daily. 

 24 hrs a day is seriously not enough time to complete all the tasks that I assign myself to get done.
I have decided to revise my current schedule and add in achievable weekly/monthly targets to get myself more motivated to complete all that I wish/hope to be done.

January ( only 10 days left)

  • (Revise/add-on to the playgroup resource pack for Roy)
  • Get my promotional website up and running
  • Make Japanese flashcard to teach the boys
  • Complete My Secret Project**Grin**

On the relationship frontier

– To  persist with the teachings  from Screemfree Parenting and try my best to maintain my cool with the ever increasing difficult to handle toddler- Ryan.

– To devote a larger portion of my time to couple time (If it is possible) and plan a upcomming Valentines day special for Raph.

I will review this at the end of the month to see how much I have achieved. 🙂 Wish me good luck


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