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Jan Review

January 27, 2008

 It has been raining cats and dogs these few weekends. My plans for going rollerblading in the afternoons on weekend are dashed.  I really need the practice is order to be able to chase Raph on skates. This morning we did went to West Coast Park for breakfast at McDonalds. The grandparents handled the kids while Raph and I spend some time going around on our skates. It had been 2 weeks since I last went on it and was quite hesistant. I couldn’t tackle the slope and fell a few times. Hopefully I will not suffer aches and pains when I wake up tomorrow. Nevertheless I will still persue in sticking to my resolution of being able to skate well by the end of this year .

ink well 

I have been doing some articles submission for R4 Mookies Press and am delighted that they have been published in Ezine Articles. Do pop over that blog if you want to read the articles 🙂

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