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Excursions-Zoo/ Mint Toy Museum

February 1, 2008
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The Singapore Zoo

It was the 1st time we brought the boys to the zoo. Ryan was not overly excited about visiting the place as he had pre-conceived fears about Tigers and Lions which could eat him. I tried to reason with him that the animals showcased in the zoo were kept within enclosures and therefore it was safe for us to view as the dangerous animals will not be able to get within close range. He thought about it for awhile and asked me whether he would be able to see Barney and BabyBob at the Zoo. [ He had been watch Barney at the Zoo VCD at home] I paused before I told him we could try to see if Barney & friends were there but there was no guarantee. 🙂

It was a sunny day and we brought both prams along to push the boys in as I predicted that Ryan would not be able to walk the whole distance of the zoo viewing all the exhibits. He wanted us to rent the wagons that they had at the entrance to sit in but I gently declined as firstly it was very expensive and we already brought along the prams for them.

We managed to catch the Splash Safari and Elephant at work & play shows while we were there. It was very entertaining seeing how the creatures are able to perform different tricks under their trainers.

Mint Toy Museum

This Toy museum is pathetically small and seriously not worth the admission charges. The boys didn’t really like the place as it was quite dimly lit and had limited displays per level. Ryan was only interested in the train sets there. There were many classic memorabilia from yesteryears like Flash Gordan, Popeye, Astroboy etc but not really appealing to the kids of today.

I give a thumbs up for the Mint Cafe located at the basement. The food was heavenly even though it was slightly on the pricey side. Roy enjoyed the carrot soup and finished nearly half the bowl by himself. [ It is a real ACHIEVEMENT for him to most of the food down per meal as he is a really terrible eater these few days.]


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