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Jan Targets (Postreview)/Feb new targets

February 3, 2008

Last month I blogged about the items I planned/wanted to get completed in Jan. Sadly a large proportion of it still hasn’t been completed. Maybe it was because I started on it with only a 10 day allowance for myself. This month I intend to get a headstart on completing the uncompleted projects and work on understanding more about website designing/SQL/Php etc.


  • (Revise/add-on to the playgroup resource pack for Roy)
  • Get my promotional website up and running(50% done)
  • Make Japanese flashcard to teach the boys
  • Complete My Secret Project**Grin**

I am glad that I have been able to stick with the Screemfree parenting techniques that I have learned last month and Ryan is behaving slightly better these few days. However he has still to learn how to control his temper and to be more co-operative at dinner.
This month I really need to come up and STICK to the plan that I have drawn for myself.

– Get the travel website up and fully stocked with relevant data by 10th Feb. It is at present about 30% completed.

–  Focus more on my secret project so that it can be all “unwrapped” by March (Hopefully).


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