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Money Talk

February 5, 2008
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“Sorry darling, that toy is TOO EXPENSIVE, I am not going to buy it for you,”

Ryan’s face turned from hopeful to spiteful within the few seconds the words were mentioned.  He was disgruntle that he had to place the Lego version of Spencer (Thomas the train series train) back on the shelf in the toy section.

” But Mummy, you have money.. you can buy it for me”. he voiced out his validation for the purchase.  However I stuck to my stance and refuted considering the purchase.

Instead I asked him. ” Do you know the price of the item?” ” Do you have enough cash on yourself or in your piggy bank to afford the purchase?”

I pointed at the price tag [ $71.65] and asked him to  read it out aloud.

” Seventy-one sixty five,” Ryan said.

“Yes. The item cost Seventy- One Dollars and Sixty Five cents.”I said, how how much money do you have with you?”

He fishes out a 50 cent coin from his pocket and hands it over to me. I told him nicely that it was not sufficient for the purchase and he would need much more money then that to buy the train.  He would have to wait till he has saved up enough money before we could return to the store to complete the purchase.

Feeling very frustrated he told me that  today was Chinese New Year and he wanted his Red Packet now so that he would have enough money to buy. He also added that he should collect one from Daddy and his godfather too in case “I” didn’t give him enough money.

[Based on the Chinese tradition, kids are given red packets with various amounts of money inside from elders to wish them good luck and prosperity in the new year.]

I took out my handy pocket calander and pointed to the dates on it.

” Look here, today is Sunday – 3rd Feburary. Chinese New year is on the 7th.” I said.

“You will have to wait 4/5 days to get your red packets, collate the cash received and then count whether you have enough. If you do have enough we can return back to the shop next week to buy the toy,”  I explained

I don’t know if he understood what I was trying to teach him but he very unwillingly followed me out of the toy store and back into the car  while we made our way home.

* I hope that he doesn’t remember about the toy and forgets about it by the end of the week 🙂


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