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Weekend Outing

February 18, 2008

Busy busy weekend. Last weekend I had my playgroup class on, visited a friend who celebrated her son’s 1st month birthday and went for another mother-son bonding skate lesson.

Playgroup Lesson was fun as we had songs & games and a bit of art & craft. The kids enjoyed doing macaroni pasting and learning about flowers.  They examined roses and were intrigued by its shape and smell.

1st Month Birthday (Manyue)  Pris’s little boy E is 1mth old! It was great meeting up with Pris & family. We also met Kev & Mel and their little princess A there. I love to see the little girls all doll up. I hope to have a girl myself once the boys are independent enough.

Skate lesson – storm, Storm, eleven – Roll!!

That was what we learned last week. How to move from a V-shape position to a ready-roll position. Ryan is still struggling on how to roll on his skates. However he has made good progression as he is able to walk/move on his skates and does not cling onto the railings like he used to the last time.  I managed to roll about on the skates but Raph is still pushing me to be more adventurous and move faster but at present it is still beyond my comfort level. Maybe later dear when I gain more confidence on skates 🙂


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