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February 21, 2008


Remember the Care Bears?  A few days ago while grocery shopping with Roy he  picked up a mini care bear from one of the aisle.

It brought back loads of memories of yesteryears when I use have these lovable plush toys and figurines to play with. There was even a Care Bear Cartoon show which I used to watch.

It really shows that time has really whizzed by as now it is my kids playing with Care Bears instead of me.

Another thought that came to my mind was the genius behind marking this product. It colour and cuddly appearance exhibits warm and shouts out ” buy me”  to the ever impressionable toddler.

It set me off thinking of how important it is in introducing appropriate television programs to my children and the vast amount of violence and unmoral bites embedded into children’s cartoons like the Care Bear.

If memory does not fail me in each episode the Care Bears had to fight the same bad guys that who were bent on destroying their home or their friends.  It condones violence which is contradictory to the love-dovey image portrayed as a Care Bear.

One must really choose the program our kids view with care if we are to incorporate correct values/morals into them from young.


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