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EASTER JV2008/Nichegiveaway

March 25, 2008

This Easter Brad Smith and Guido Nussbaum are giving away tons of free stuff through their Easter JV 2008 site. I found their site very unique and the free gifts/downloads inside a great help in my strive to set up a profitable online business.

I have placed my ebook- How to choose the “Right” childcare at that site and have managed to get additions to my mailing list. It is really a good place to advertise while at the same time learn how to improve on internet marketing.

Do check their site out.

Here is the link again. Easter JV 2008

Niche Giveaway  is another interesting Freebies site to check out. It’s doors are opening soon and loads of wonderful gifts will be available for you to download.

Check it out – Niche Giveaway 



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