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Timely reminders of the fragility of live.

April 22, 2008

Last weekend while I was on IM with a girlfriend. She forwarded me a link of a blog she liked me to check out. The contents of it moved her to tears and she cried buckets over the post. The most recent post by that author was about her attending a funeral memorial service they had at East coast park for her 3 children.

No you haven’t read wrongly 3 kids. Looking at her back posts and seeing the tablets and urns of her children which God had taken away before she had a chance to love and care for them. I do not know her history but based on what she wrote I gather that she had difficult pregnancies. Her eldest child, if he was still alive, would be the same age as Ryan and her twins Roy’s age.  Her 2nd child was still born and the 3rd (girl) only survived a day when she was born prematurely.

I shudder at the fact of my children departing from this earth before me. Having experience two earlier miscarriages since the birth of my boys I can truly relate to the pain this mother must have been suffering. She is very brave to be able to set aside her feelings and work hard at taking each day a step at a time in rebuilding her life.

The year that Roy was born(2006) was also a emotional rollercoaster for both Raph and me as both of us lost our grandfathers ( his paternal) and ( my maternal) in the same year. In 2007 Raph’s grandmother passed away and he only has his maternal grandmother left in HK. It is the same for me here in SG.

It set me thinking that all the more we should not be caught up in the daily humdrums and work more on building up our family relationships

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