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Heart Full of Love vs A Perfect Heart

June 1, 2008

Today we celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart in church. The visiting priest from Philippines gave a very interesting Homily about a conversation between a young man and a old man.

In his story he mentioned that the young man was very proud of his unblemished perfect looking heart while he was questioning why the old man had a heart full of scars.

The old man replied that he tore out pieces of his heart to give to the people that he loved while the other person reciprocated his love by giving him a piece of his heart. As the pieces torn out and fitted in can not be of the same size he is left with the rough edges around it. Even though his heart doesn’t look perfect but it is filled with love which he shares with many and with love from others that have shared their love with him.

The priest also mentioned that nowadays many people are chasing after the exclusive dollar and careers that they fail to see the need to spend time with their love ones/family. And as a results relationships are broken down and the family nucleus shattered.

Nothing is more important then unconditional love within friends and family. Only with love will one be really happy.

I agree with what he says. It is really a pity that there are people who I know who will readily give up the prospect of a good long term relationship for short term physical gains. The worst ones are those who constantly try to manipulate relationships with others or take advantage of others for ill gotten benefits. I feel that they are really shallow and rob themselves of the chance of enjoying the simplicity and joys of genuine friendship and love as it is not difficult to distinguish between someone who sincerely interested to share love with one who fakes it .


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