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New Wheels

June 29, 2008

We got our new wheels yesterday.  It is a change from the more powerful Opel 2.2L that we used to drive for the past 5 years. This new car is less powerful being smaller in engine capacity but more efficiently and spacious as it is a 7 seater MPV. Now we are able to accomodate both the boy’s bicycles in the boot and still sit comfortably.

I have to get adjusted to driving a  Japanese car where the indicators are  “upside down” to the continental car.  This car is more fuel efficient and will be a lesser load on our pockets.

Roy will be starting school next Tuesday. I will have to ferry both the boys to and from school daily. Hope that I will be able to adapt to the new routine.  We have stopped Ryan’s school bus as it has gotten too costly and it will be more cost effective to drive both to school.


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