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1st week of July review

July 5, 2008

Roy has been in school for the past 4 days.  He is slowly getting used to the new routine and has kinda settled in. The teachers report that he is able to follow the lessons/games. He still cries for me off and on. But mostly goes through asking for me , raph then Ryan. The strange thing is that he starts to cry when he sees his brother in school and doesn’t really want to sleep togther with him. He clings on to the principal and follows her around in school. I remember that Ryan used to be the same. He was only close to Principal J and Teacher Margaret when he entered childcare at 18mths.

On a side note Teacher Margaret will be giving birth to her baby girl any day soon.  She is one of the youngest mummy I know as she is only 20yrs old this year. She had a hard life with a very complicated family background. She is still struggling financially but I’m sure with her maturity beyond her years she should be able to see through this upcomming challenge of being a new mommy and caring for her infant daugther.

This week I only managed to clear and repack Ryan’s clothes drawer. I have yet to pack Roy’s drawer. I have to get it done next week. Energy level has been rather low lately due to a recent bout of cough and cold which was transmitted to me from Ryan. Ryan himself has yet to fully recover.

I hope to be able to work out my new schedule which involves being a driver, home organiser, PT web designer, administrator, financial consultant, writer, teacher, Mom consultant together with my other online identities as I draw in various streams of income to lighten Raph’s financial load.  I have decided to give myself 6mths to see if this new income drawing strategy will work or else I will be returning to my “still on the shelve” Full time job.

This month will be quite hectic as I have to work on some promotional campaigns for our hotel website, tie up with more travel agencies for more varied tour packages etc. Anyone interested in holidaying in Cebu?

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