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3 births

July 11, 2008

This week there were 3 new babies born. My friend Mei-Yi in USA gave birth to ther 1st baby boy. I recently got back into contact with her via Facebook. We had been secondary school classesmate who have kinda lost contracts since we went our seperate ways after O-levels.  It’s great to know that she has settled down and started her own family.

Teacher Margaret also gave birth to a bouncy 2.9kg girl. I have yet to meet up with this young mummy who loves kids.

Raph’s collegue’s wife also gave birth y’day to a 3.2kg boy. We just visited him just now. it reminded me of how Roy looked not too long ago when he was a newborn.  I certainly do not mind having another kid if we have sufficient resources in our kitty. However we will have to wait till Roy is 2(and I have finished my course of HEP-B jabs) before doing any special planning.


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