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Weekend review

July 18, 2008

Roy has been in school for two weeks. So far it has gotten better as Roy creates a minimal fuss when we drop him off and fetch him from school.  Ryan on the other hand has gotten more sensitive.  He still insists on doing things according to his whims and fancies and will give all sorts of reasoning in bid that you will oblige him. He scowls and starts crying when he doesn’t get his way. I feel that it is because that he sees that Roy does get the attention he seeks when he cries so he is attempting to do the same. He doesn’t realise that since he is older this behaviour is no longer that tolerable and that there are other ways of expressing himself which I have been teaching him. I hope that he breaks out of this bad habit as it can be exasperating at times.

These few weekends we have taken the boys for bicycle rides at WCP.  Ryan loves to ride his bike more then he likes to roller blade. However since he has not  been rollerblading for the past few weeks he has been asking for us to bring him. Maybe we should bring him  roller blading this weekend?

This Saturday Raph and I will be going for a concert at the indoor stadium. We will be listening to the WINNERS- from HK. It has been nearly 3 years since I last went to a concert with him. It will be a good time to be without the boys around.

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