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Wynner’s Concert

July 20, 2008

It has been more then 3 yrs since we last went for a concert at the indoor stadium together. The traffic and finding a place to park was a  logistics nightmare. There were scores of drivers blatantly disregarding road signs/directions in bid to secure the next available parking space. It was the worst show of the bad Singaporean driver who cut queue, went the wrong way down a one way street etc. Anyway no way we were allowing ourselves to be bullied on the road. We manage to find oneself a parking space and made it to the stadium on time. The concert started at 8.30pm sharp and ended about 11.30pm.

The atmosphere at this concert was not as terrific as the previous Sammi and Ah-Mei concerts that I have attended where the air was simply electrifying. I thing that it has to do with the average age of the patrons in the crowd was about 50. I could related to the old Bee Gees and Beetles songs that they sung but most of the other songs in Cantonese were from the era beyond me.  In all it was a great experience to be able to spend time together without the kids.

* Should invest in a better camera. I really hope that I can get one with at least a 10x zoom so that I can take better pictures.


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