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Mummy & Babies astrology analysis

July 22, 2008

Visited today and here’s the analysis that they had

The Lion Mama ( July 23-August 22)

Your deep emotional generosity is a great gift to your child. Leos make proud, bold, and determined mamas; your big heart and protective nature will help ensure that your child knows he is well loved. Leo moms are also highly creative, so make sure to explore the arts with your child from an early age — this is a surefire way for the two of you to bond. Go to museums, take a craft class, do a messy art project together at home. One thing for Leo Moms to keep in mind is that your larger-than-life personality and natural flare for the dramatic can sometimes overshadow your child. Make sure you give your babe plenty of time in the spotlight, and appreciate him for the unique creature he is.

 Baby Pisces- Ryan (Feb. 19-March 20)

Sensitive and emotional, Pisces babies feel the nuances of their environment very deeply. To blossom, your little one needs a secure, warm, nurturing home. Keep him close to your heart by carrying him in a sling as you run errands or tidy up around the house. Comfort him with classical music, soft lullabies, and soothing massages. Avoid loud, disturbing noises. He loves games like pat-a-cake and peekaboo. Your little Fish will adore baths too, so make sure you’ve got plenty of water toys on hand.

Mother Child Compatibility
   Pisces Child / Leo Parent

When a Pisces child is born to a Leo parent, each family member will enjoy the new perspective which the other brings to life in general. Together, they will discover more than either Sign would alone. In many ways, the two appear to contrast diversely, yet both are dreamers at heart.

When they care for one another, and this family combination always does, they are each able to fulfill the other’s needs for emotional security and an attentive ear. The Leo parent serves as the protector of their more gentle child. Leo is a strong and outgoing Sign, doing what they want and taking command of the surrounding world. Pisces is quieter and more introspective. Leo teaches Pisces to go out into the world and begin to take risks and action.

Baby Sagittarius(Roy)

Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Optimistic, outgoing, and content, little Archers are true explorers. Put your baby in a carrier or stroller and she’ll happily go wherever you lead. Spend time roaming around the backyard and checking out the neighborhood: She needs lots of exercise for her physical and mental health. Your child will bounce back quickly from little spills and failures. But she also gets bored easily and constantly needs new toys. To hold her attention, read lots of stories about exciting adventures in faraway lands — and promise that she’ll get to visit them someday too.

 When a Sagittarius child is born to a Leo parent, the result can be fiery and explosive. Both parent and child are dynamic and enjoy life. When two personalities like this band together, feathers and fur are bound to fly. This family is lively and exciting, with both parent and child encouraging the other to go for the gold.

These relatives have genuine admiration and respect for each other. Both are charismatic and charming. People enjoy being in the energy which this family radiates, and the large parties they are bound to have are always well-attended. Sagittarius tends to look at the world as a giant textbook open for study while Leo acts as the gregarious host.



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