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Birthday Celebrations

August 17, 2008

Have been having 2 days of fun with the kids this year.

No holiday as yet as requested as Raph doesn’t have any leave which he can take. End of the year we will be going to HK disneyland for the kids to enjoy. If time and budget permit we may hop over to Japan or KIV the Japan tour till Mar 09 as a birthday present for Ryan.

This year I brought the boys to Go-Go Bambani for a fun morning gym workout with them. They simply loved going up and down the slides, playing at the ball pit. It is the 3rd time this year that they have been to an indoor gym. The previous times they went to one at Bt Merah swimming pool and to the newly renovated explorer kids.  This gym is much more child friendly and looks cleaner and better maintained then the other indoor gyms that I have been. It was exhausting hoisting Roy up the “hole” in the floor to the 2nd level so that he could climb through the tube and come down the slide at the other end. They had so much fun that they didn’t want to leave. Irene and I were exhausted after spending about 1hr + there that we adjourned for lunch at another location.

Escape theme park was the second place that we went to play. The boys rode on the roller coaster, choo-choo train, feris wheel and electronic cars. Ryan managed to go on the go kart with Raph. The place was much smaller then I had expected and not as popular now as it was 6 years ago.  If not for the free admission I doubt that we would wilingly bring the boys there as it is not worth the admission price .

I will be having another mini-celebration with TH on tuesday. 🙂

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