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Sept Review

October 3, 2008

Sept has been a fun month for me. I went for a cake decoration class and enjoyed myself learning new decoration techniques. I also signed up for weekly yoga sessions at the CC with Pris.

I have manage to do more readings this mth and am busy setting up another travel website. [ My target is to get it all completed by Mid Oct]

It has been great snapping pictures with the new camera. It’s focus is much sharper and the pictures taken clearer.  Now if only I have more time to figure out all the different functions on the camera hmmm.

The boys and I have been borrowing books regularly from the library. I intend to bring them there at least twice a month to borrow new storybooks to read.

There are lots of plans /work to be done in OCT. I hope to be able to meet all the deadlines. 🙂


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