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HTML woes

October 13, 2008

Last week I was having loads of trouble trying to upload photos to the new website that I am working on (A sister website to Best Budget Travel Cebu) There was some hotlink problem with pictures in the server. It took me about 4 calls to customer support and 4-5 e-mails later before the problem was resolved. It was a server side problem and there was not much I could do on my end.

I am very grateful to my twitter friends for their suggestions on how to solve the problem. I really love this social messaging system. If you are on twitter you can connect with me here.

I am considering doing a crash read up in CSS once i finished with this website as it seems a better option to HTML editing and is more streamline. However , to me. the coding and designing seem more complex and I will have to study more in detail first.

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