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October Review

November 2, 2008

Its the 2nd of Novemeber and we are now on holidays in HK.

Last month I managed to finish up the new website-Best Budget Travel Cagayan. I have yet to finalise the design of the website as I have now decided not to include a blog on that site as it doesn’t seem to be that appropriate and useful.

I’m in the midst of changing hosting for my websites. Have given up using Hostpapa to do my hosting due to their constant server outrages, increase in the episodes of downtime etc. Even though they do have excellent customer service it its now sufficient a reason for me to continue hosting there. It took me 6 emails/chat with customer service before they realised that they had put a hotlink protection on this new domain of mine – Best Budget Travel Cagayan that’s why I wasn’t able to upload photos to it properly.

The past month’s experience with them has been very fustrating and after lots of considerations and surveying  I have jumped over to Lunar Pages. I manage to secure quite a gd deal of USD $68 for 2 yrs hosting with them. I am looking forward to a pleasant experience with them.

What I didn’t know that it would be quite a hassle to jump ship from a hosting which offered a FREE domain for life. APPARENTLY it is not FREE. I have to fork out $25 just to unlock the domain and another $9.95(this amt to LP) to switch the registrars over.

Anyway I take it as a lesson learnt about going for hosting with FREE domain for life “bonus”. LP does do domain hosting and you can buy domains off them like from GoDaddy so I shouldn’t face similar ” Daylight robbery” prices with them if I do need to switch hosting again in the future and move my domain away from them. * I really hope that it will be my last change of hosting company.

Last mth the kids when to quite a few birthday parties/ playdates with their friends. It was really fun seeing them playing and having fun with friends which they seldom meet up. We should have meetups more often. It’s nice seeing them growing up and interacting with each other.

I started Yoga classes with Pris last month. It is the 1st time that I am trying yoga. It is a relaxing and slow exerise which is good for breathing and stretching. However both of us find that it is not really to our liking and will switch over to other exercises after the Yoga sessions are up. Pris is going for Pilates. I too am interested but am not sure how my work/home schedule will be for this month/next as I will be  having a big project to handle on a long term basis.

Hope that everything works out.

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