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Hk Holiday- Week 1

November 3, 2008

We touched down here in HK on Saturday night. The flight in was very pleasant. Roy fell asleep once the plane too off and only woke 3hrs later while it was descending. It was the best scenario – sleeping baby onboard the plane. no fuss no worries! 🙂 I hope it happens again during our return journey to Singapore ya 😦

The weather has been gloomy and it has been raining off and on these few days. We manage to meet up with a couple of old uni friends during the weekend, raph’s cousins and spend time with the doting grandparents.

They boys were hyper. Roy has been been on “steriods” since our holiday trip started. He can’t sit still during meals and it has really been a chore trying to keep him occupy and feed him at the dining table simultaneously. Almost every meal he has to be “walked” between 5-10 times. It is extremely difficult trying to sit through 1/2 the meal without getting up to chase after him or prevent him from spilling/ throwing stuff, showing tantrums etc.

Every night I am totally exhausted!! It has been said that being on holiday is more exhausting then at work. It is definately true as it is no joke having to carry a 12kg baby around while walking along the streets for 2-3hrs a day.


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