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( Jan)Week 1 Review

January 12, 2009

The 1st week of Jannuary came and left like the speed a bullet.

Animal Kingdom Dayplanner, inside
Image by Your Secret Admiral via Flickr

The plans that I had for the week were not completed due to Ryan falling in and I had to have the kids at home for longer hours then expected.

Sick kids really break up and upset your routine and disrupt your plans.

Whatever I didn’t manage to complete last week I will try to do it this week.

I hope I am more determined this week to stick to it.

TTD for this week:)

– Plan in advance for the month

– Bake cookies

-Design and print out a reward chart list for Ryan & Roy.

– Do linkages and blog posts for the travel sites.

– Complete the ” Encourage your relucant toddler” series ( I am for at least 4-5 posts on that series

– Rewrite 4-5 PLR articles for my other niche sites

– Declutter the boys clothes drawers

-Put up the CNY decorations for 2009

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