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What’s up this week..

February 3, 2009

This week has gone slower then expected. I guess that I am running out of steam due to the festive season. Maybe it is because part of my brain is still in denial about going back to work within 2 weeks and I have to get everything settled prior to the 14th of Feb.

The kitchen wall is being hacked as the Kitchen tiles on that wall are falling off due to heat expansion and the fact that it was plastered on a fake wall. We will be plastering up that wall and giving it a simple coat of paint.

Have done my shopping for working clothes. What I need now is to get a new handbag and some shoes then my new wardrobe is complete!! 🙂

Enzo Ferrari
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Will need to be working like a Ferrari instead of  a  Volkswagen Beetle. Time for hyper drive – Warp on!!

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